Lloyd Sings About Pussy. A Lot.


Lloyd's new number, 'Dedication to My Ex (Miss That),' all starts off rather humble. Collaborator, Lil Wayne, introduces the track with the same old narrative spill, you know, how he once loved this gal, but she betrayed him, blah blah blah. But then this seemingly innocent lament to lost love soon spirals into a mass of debauchery, as the bomb of a line, "I really shouldn't blame her, but now that pussy is a stranger," drops. And here unfolds Lloyd's scandalous new song, which we at BitCandy are officially filing into the caves of our "Oh No They Didn't!" category. 

Since this track is a basic ode to his ex's, um, genitals, as a feminist, it really should stand that I loathe it. But my goodness, 'Dedication to My Ex' is so damn catchy, my girl-power principles are immediately pushed aside in favour of furiously bopping my shoulders to Lloyd's falsetto shrieks of, "I miss that pussy, that pussy, that pussy, that pussy!"

And all this excitement is achieved before we even hear from Andre 3000, who pipes in with some side-splitting rap midway, rap which appears to have been strung together with no intention of making any sense at all ("You yap too much about the penny-ante, this mechanics so uncanny, X-men, X-men, your ex-boyfriend should thank me that I took you off his hands"). Oh, and let's not forget that line about his memory loss regarding his ex's favourite color: "Betcha buddy don't even know you don't like red, or was it fuchsia?"

2011's X-rated, albeit comedic take on Cee-Lo's 'Fuck You,' please, please listen to 'Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)' below. It's frustratingly amazing.