London Grammar "Nightcall (Kavinsky cover)"


Europeans are so cute. What we call a drunk-call they call a nightcall. Or at least that's what London Grammar's best new track "Nightcall" has led me to believe.  And yes...this just might be BitCandy's "Best Track of the Year."  

We've already brought you "Strong," and "Nightcall" is another stellar track off the London trio's debut record, If You Wait. "Nightcall" is a cover of French House DJ Kavinsky, which was brilliantly used during the opening credits of Drive, a movie whose songs seem to be getting covered an awful lot lately. London Grammar keeps the eeriness of the original, but replaces its acid synths and robotic vocals for a piano and the wonder that is Hannah Reid's vocals on this cut. Hear it for yourself.

Listen to London Grammar "Nightcall":

As you probably guessed, London Grammar's debut record, If You Wait, is out now via Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd./Ministry of Sound Recordings Ltd, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment. So, Sony, I guess.

Thanks for stopping by Bitcandy, where we did get any sleep last night 'cause we were up late making nightcalls.