Whatever: Ludacris "Rest Of My Life"


Ludacris comes back with a new song (if you can call it that) "Rest of My Life," featuring Usher and David Guetta.  But here's the "whatever" part...dude is barely in the song.  Really?  This is a Ludacris song?  In fact, after hearing this song that demasculates Ludacris' street cred (with whatever he had left), I had to get down to the details.  

So, I counted Ludacris "on air" time vs Usher's.  

Here's what I found out of this track that most people have to suffer through for 4 minutes and 7 seconds.

Ludacris - contributes a whopping 57 Seconds to his OWN song!

Usher - totally OWNS this track with vocal showing up for full 2 Minutes 19 Seconds

I mean really...Whose song is this?! And then there are about 5 seconds total of an old French guy making weird faces.  Oh wait...I guess that was David Guetta.

The sadder part is..it sounds like Flo Rida wrote Ludacris raps.  My hunch...if you went back in time to 2002 and showed both Ludacris and Usher this video ... they'd both jump out a window.  (HINT: There's still time for that...just sayin).  


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