Azealia Banks Drops a Deuce


So, there I was ... listening through my Soundcloud's (yeah I follow like 400 key artists/blogs/record labels)...(btw BitCandy's SoundCloud is here) and as I was doing some other beeswax (you know, answering emails and such)...about a minute into some song playing i was like...Who the fuck is this?  This suxxxx donkey dix.   Who the F is messing up my flow of great songs.  So I checked---flipped my Chrome tab to see who was deep throating me. 



None other than...Azealia Banks.  Usually a deep throat here would be pretty good...but not with this track.




Well, true to my prediction I've started 3 months ago...Azealia Banks could be the biggest hype of the last 12 months.  Good luck to the record labels and publishers that spent mega bucks on each side to get this 1 trick pony.  


"212" is as good as it gets and that track is like almost 18 months old.  




I'd say the 15 minutes of fame clock is ticking and we're at about 14:59 right now.  Well at least that's what this blogs on music page thinks.


See ya in the unrecouped project line.


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