Madonna "Senior Citizens Gone Wild"


Today's Latest Music Track and Worst Song of the Day belongs to Madonna Ciccone.

Madonna asks God for forgiveness in the "talk intro" to her new track "Girl Gone Wild."  Unfortunately she doesn't get around asking for forgiveness for this track:

Here's another song that was just posted by Madonna that she shouldn't be singing called "Gang Bang."  Yes, that's exactly what I want to do...have a Gang Bang with a 55 year old.

Suggestion to change the name of the song to "Senior Citizens Gone Wild."

Madonna Louise Ciccone... what have you done?

Madonna - "Girl Gone Wild" <a href="" target="itunes_store"><img src="" alt="Girl Gone Wild - Single - Madonna" style="border: 0;"/></a>

What do you think?

Should Madonna Hang It Up?

Is Madonna Making Music on this Album for Lourdes' teeny friends to Sing?

What's the Sexiest and Best Part of Madonna... her "gap," her Ethiopian skeleton arms or the space of time between Madonna not releasing albums post 2004?  Comment below!


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