Meet the Top 5 BitCandy Curators


Todays post is all about the Curators on BitCandy.  And just who the "f" are these "Curators?"  Well, there are only about 35 people in the world that have (so far) earned this prestigious little profile and title at BitCandy.  You see, while BitCandy is busy filtering the best new music…we're also filtering the best new tastemakers in the world.  You know...those cool sexy people who are totally "in the know" tirelessly scanning the Blogosphere for the best new music.  

So, if you''re on the best new music before your friends, and ahead of ideally Pitchfork and also BitCandy…then you might be a candidate for our Curator page.  It's here on this page where we associate YOU with your unknown (or fairly unknown) new music find (assuming it's not already in our database).  

Getting a Curator profile also enables you to write for our blog and…the kicker…since BitCandy is a label and music publishing company...if we sign your discovery…we'll give you 20% of whatever we make for that find.  

So far the new signings have been Mother Falcon (discovered by Chris Chantilly…we think this band is 100% amazing), Coco Morier (signed to our publishing division and just signed on the record side to Miike Snow's label, Ingrid) and Kids Without Instruments.  We're not going to say too much about the "Kids" yet as their EP is getting remixed and mastered but…hmm…(strokes long grey samurai beard) have we found the next The xx meets Crystal Castles?….mmm, maybe.  You'll have to see.  As a BitCandy visitor we'll give you the scoop and a (likely) free download of their EP when the moment is ready.   

So meet the Curators here…(this could be you btw).  The top 10 Curators to date and they're discoveries they've made much ahead of the curve are as follows: 

Glitch - Los Angeles, CA (39 Finds including Porter Robinson from like 18 months ago)

Chris Chanity - Austin, TX (7 Finds including Mother Falcon who we signed!)

Jacks - Los Feliz, CA - (6 Finds including our favorite, NO)

ClaireDallas - West Hollywood, CA (5 Finds including BADBADNOTGOOD)

Shannon G - San Diego, CA (4 Finds including Paper Lion)

A shout out to our Top 5 for a great job done.   Now who is going to make the run for the top spot?!

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