Yasemin Turan goes by the stage name Minni Lovelle, probably because it has some of that faux-classy 1950's starlet feel. Regardless of what you call her new single "No Escape," it's a best new track.

"No Escape" is an ambient, muted R & B affair. Lovelle/Turan's breathy vocals sound serene over the sparse soundscape of electronica and 8-track drums. At first the production made me fear this was just some Lana Del Ray-knockoff (ok the name did that too), but that's only for the first verse, so don't skip out early. The track goes some unexpected places, always a welcome surprise in this often redundant genre. I will always have a soft spot for the lyrical wordplay on display here. Just a really enjoyable, laid-back song. Hear it for yourself below. 



Minni Lovelle has 'released' a three track EP, but it's only available to stream on Souncloud or Youtube. I don't think this is a sustainable way to be an artist, so expect her to start trying to sell you something in the very near future. We do say it'll probably be worth it.  Is Minni Lovelle emerging in the best new indie category?  Comment below but she gets our vote. 

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