Moonface-Shitty City, Best New Indie


I hate to be still. It's probably my least favorite state to be in. I'm the person who takes unnecessary right turns when driving just to avoid waiting at a light. But I realize how half-hearted my anti-still efforts are when I look out the proliferation of Spencer Krug. The man has such an unending list of bands and side-projects, it seems like all he ever does is put out new music. His latest outpouring (at least it was his latest at the time of writing) has come under the banner Moonface.

Enlisting the help of the Finnish band Siinai, Krug released his second album, the succinctly titled With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery, under the alias this spring. Your track of the day comes from this very album. Listen below to "Shitty City." With a few clicks of your mouse you can even download this track for free!

You can hear a sort of uneasy tension in the track, a personification of the feelings one gets when trapped in a shitty place. For someone as busy and kinetic as Krug, it seems odd that he can perfectly capture the sensation of being stuck in a crap town. Even if it's an emotion he hasn't dealt with in several years, Krug is a talented enough songwriter to express this all to familiar sentiment. And Siinai's music acts as a perfect backdrop for his lyrics, which you can read below:

We should have gotten smart
We should have gotten good
We should have gotten out
Of this town
While we could

It’s a shitty city now
A shitty city now
Blowing all around
In our house
And our hearts
It’s a house
Of cards

With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery is out now on Jagjaguwar. Mr. Krug is touring in support of the record this summer, so get out there and support, lest he stop touring and have to be still for a while.


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