Most Anticipated Acts 2016

Oh, that was tough, having to short-list ten acts, from another incredible year of new and exciting music, damn! But hey, we got there. Fully expect Jack Garratt and Shura to breakthrough in 2016, (who doesn't) and we've listed a few other great musicians, to join them, as our most anticipated acts for 2016.



We've been enjoying every song immensely that this man has delivered thus far, a truly exceptional talent. The Los Angeles R&B artist is gearing up to release his debut LP. We expect it'll feature in all your favourite end-of-year album lists, when it arrives. Gallant has already kicked off 2016 in glorious fashion, by collaborating with Sufjan Stevens on an acoustic version of "Blue Bucket Of Gold" that you should absolutely hear, straight after reminding yourself of the powerful "Weight In Gold."



With his distinct voice and a stand-out soulful debut EP in Fuel To The Fire, with each track gorgeously produced and lyrically engaging. It was hard to overlook this London-based musician in 2015, and one can only be excited for what Rationale has to offer next.



The consistent, heart-on-the-sleeve HONNE had a stellar 2015 with their lo-fi. synth-laden soul. The London duo have a string of notable singles, and with an ever-growing army of fans, look nailed for a big year ahead. Whether you're chilled or having a drive, Honne are equipped with some of the finest music & late-night jams around, at present.



We believe in Lewis Del Mar becoming a huge deal, particularly in the UK. This NY duo emerged last year with the phenomenal debut single, "Loud(y)," an Indie-Rock gem and one of the more interesting singles of 2015. That was soon followed up with the wonderful "Memories" and "Wave(s)," cementing their arrival as ones to watch.



Australia is knee-deep in great music; it seems every other week an exciting newcomer is unearthed. Vallis Alps are the real deal among this cluster of quality acts emerging. The electronic duo dropped their dazzling self-titled debut EP this time last year, and on the back of their hugely successful Australian tour + new music on the way - they're one of our most anticipated acts to follow this year.



There has been a fair amount of hype around the emergence of Sweden's latest pristine pop export, LEON, and with good reason. We have supported LEON's music from the day her debut effort, "Tired of Talking," surfaced on SoundCloud and it's been a joy to watch her tear through the blogosphere at ridiculous speed. If you hadn't heard the Treasure EP,  go get it and hear what all the fuss is about; you won't be disappointed.



One act that's seen consistent rotation of late, on our speakers, is this mysterious R&B act DVSN. Over the latter part of 2015 we couldn't get enough of this OVO-affiliated artist, and still can't -- moreover when earlier promise was bolstered by the latest release of the absurdly smooth and repeat-worthy "Hallucinations." It doesn't matter who is behind the music, when it's this good. More, please.



Danish outfit CHINAH have made quite the impression on us, with three excellent tracks last year. Their sonically rich electro-pop creates a platform to showcase the impeccably velvety voice of front-woman Fine. The trio have the edge over a busy corner, and the potential to create much more than a buzz, in good time.



Another artist we are closely following is Lyves (aka Francesca Bergami), who despite being too "shy" for social media, has confirmed that the debut EP will be ready to be heard next month (February). It's been some time since we first heard her demo track, "Visions." We feel the potential is great here for Lyves' spellbinding voice to make a significant impact this year. Hear the soulful "Shelter," the first track from that forthcoming EP.



One of the greatest discoveries of 2015 was the arrival of Amber Bain and her breathtaking EPs, Pools To Bathe In and Clean. Amber (aka The Japanese House) has produced a fascinating experimental musical experience that pulls you in every direction imaginable. Layered harmonies and lush electronica combine to make the most delightful and beautifully melancholic music of 2015 - an aural detox.


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