Mother Falcon - Marigold | Best New Tracks


 Marigold by Mother Falcon is today's best new track at the BitCandy Music Filter.  And hey, just who are Mother Falcon?  Oh hmm...just an everyday 18 piece symphonic indie band composed of some of the most talented young 20 somethings in the United States.  

You know what...this is when it's exciting to be a music blog.  We're happy to be sooo early on this, like early like 2  years ago (thanks to BitCandy's Curator, Chris Chanity)...and now with Mother Falcon's new album "You Knew" being released on May 7th...well, of course they just have to land a few tracks in our top alternative song column...what else do you expect? 


Mother Falcon - Marigold

Check out the whole album here why don't you and maybe even break open a couple bottles of wine.  We think NPR is right when they refer to the band as the next Arcade Fire at it's most anthemic.  

Oh and ... score! ... The band has some free downloads on their website so head on over

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