New Indie Artist: BOY


Well, April is right around the corner, and I don't know about you, but I'm ready to start beachin' it, and driving down the PCH rockin' out to some candy everyone wishes they could bump through their daddy's-beamer's-speakers. Well this is a perfect time in our latest new music post to introduce you to bionic-girl-duo-BOY, and another score for our Curator, Duffster, who brought the duo to our attention.   For more on how that can actually be you...check out our Curator program here

Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass, are the shimmering-harmonic-German duet, here to make your upcoming sunny days just a little bit sunnier. It is especially nice to see two women killing it at the same time on the guitars. Their exceptional playfulness is intriguing to watch, and they both seem so comfortable in their own Skin...

It's quite seductive. When I first heard this I thought my Feist collection had kicked in on shuffle, but BOY oh BOY (I couldn't help it :-)) was i wrong. No, no, although Leslie is nowhere to be seen here, there are many striking similarities. Let me highlight all the details: Wait. Forget it. I'm done talking to you guys, because I believe it may be quite illegal to be writing BitCandy articles and driving at the same time...

It is 75 degrees and sunny here in SoCal, and I do not care to entertain the idea that my old college town has snow everyday in the forecast for the next week. I am ready for the warm weather and for some good ole' fashion fun. Thank goodness this is (just) the beginning of it too because I need a whole lot of time at the beach to tan up this doughy-white-alabaster-keister of mine :-)

BOY's debut album is called Mutual Friends. It's out on iTunes and whatever else exists out there. You should probably get it before all ya friends do.