New artist Triple Dad is part poet, part producer, part philosopher. Perhaps more accurately, Triple Dad is an incredibly talented youngster trying to find his way in this musical world he was born to be a part of it. If he hasn’t found the right avenue for his creative outlet yet, give him time. He’ll get there.



Brian Ringelberg is an 18 year old living in the mucky, suburban hell we call Orlando, Florida. In fairness, I’ve only been to Orlando once, for a week. But that was definitely the vibe I got from it. It’s safe to assume that one of the reasons Mr. Ringelberg is so into making music is because going outside would require him to go swimming in that heavy Florida air. Yet I digress.

As Triple Dad, Ringelberg shows off lyrical dexterity that his vocals can’t yet match. This isn’t to diminish his flow, just to say that Mr. Ringelberg is a damned good writer. He’s a better rapper than producer too, as his best tracks seem to be made with someone else behind the boards. Ringelberg knocks his own production skills, but it’s an unnecessary criticism. He’s more than capable of making his own beats.

Besides, “Fuck the Pope and those with green in their pocket.” is maybe the funniest thing I’ve heard in this young year. This guy is super talented, y’all.



Along with his anyonmously great Triple Dad moniker, Brian is in another band called Seas, which is something else entirely. Quite literally, as Seas appears to be an experimental rock band. His favorite artists include Homeboy Sandman, Deletion, P.O.S., Shabazz Palaces, Aseop Rock, MF Doom, and Wu Tang Clan. The diversity of his influences shows throughout his music.

I have the faintest of suspicions that Mr. Ringelbarg won’t see Triple Dad through. I might be projecting here, but if Brian is anything like I was at 18, then he’s one fickle SOB. Not to mention the innumerable distractions that await at college. It’s highly possible too that he could break through in some other musical endeavor (probably not Seas, though). What I’m trying to say is, Triple Dad is kinda of a fragile thing.

Here’s to hoping I’m wrong, because this shit’s pretty great. 



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