New Indie Pop Artist: NONONO


Lately it seems that a big chunck of our new artist finds are either coming from Top Curator Duffster, and/or Sweden. The Duffster Effect, as no one is calling it, is easily explainable -- dude has good tastes in music. And as for Sweden and its unending supply of talented artists, we've long suspected that country is in the midst of some sort of long-con against the rest of the western world (how else do you explain Ikea?), so groups like NONONO should come as no surprise anymore.


"Pumpin' Blood"

NONONO (pronounced… honestly we have no idea. Is it just 'no, no, no', or 'non-ono', or is it like one of those fucked up Ikea furniture names?) is made up of the producer team Astma & Rocwell and singer/songwriter Stina Wäppling. The trio was introduced by a mutual friend (note to all aspiring musicians: you need better friends) last year, and they've wasted little time in getting down to making music. The trio describe their sound as 'urban-indie,' which we really hope catches on. The rest of us will call this electro-pop.

Oh, and pretty damn good too.


"Down Under (Acoustic)"

While the band only has a few tracks to their name, they're all pretty great. Astma & Rocwell show off the chops that has led them to working with the likes of Bebe Black, Beatrice Eli, Icona Pop and Benny Banks, but Wäppling seems to be the real find here. Her vocals are what ties the whole thing together, seamlessly fluctuating between an airy whisper to Florence Welch-esque bellows. And while one hurtful youtube commentator said she looks like a female Jared Leto, given the latter effeminate looks, we're not really sure that's an insult.

We happen to thing Ms. Wäppling is quite fetching. It doesn't hurt either that her music is loads better than Leto's (her acting probably is too).


"Like The Wind"

We don't know what lies ahead for NONONO, although we presume at some point they'll tell everyone how to pronounce their name. "Pumpin' Blood" feels like it's destined to be the indie-hit of the summer, and it certainly has breakthrough potential. The start of things is always the best part, and it certainly seems like this is the start of something big for NONONO (and hopefully, the "urban-indie" genre).

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