With the mass hysteria over the eclipse event this week, it is only fitting and even coincidental that Elohim just released her brand-spanking-new song, Eclipse. We Are: The Guard has the skinny on this mysterious musician's newest track.



soundcloud When your pseudonym is the Hebrew name for God, the expectations must be sky high. Like her namesake, Elohim remains surprisingly faceless with photos of her face obscured by masks or her hair. Her music, on the other hand, presents itself as the proverbial image of a electronic artist that is about to make the leap to notoriety. Besides, many faceless artists have succeeded in the electronic genre in the past.

"Eclipse" begins with a brief introduction of a distorted sounding instrumental featuring a heavily oversaturated pipe organ and errant beats. Right around the minute mark, the song really picks up for the better, trading slow and trudging for upbeat and thrilling. Her auto-tuned vocals provides the dressing on a track that acts like a musical tug-o-war, with several starts and stops. You might think this throws off the flow of the song, but it makes Eclipse truly unique. When Elohim gives it the beans, "Eclipse" sounds fantastic. Contrasting these highs and lows really is the main draw, keeping listeners on their toes.