New Zealand’s Siobhan Sainte Rediscovers Romance On “Midnight”

There’s been a lot of discussion regarding The Death Of Romance, these past few years. Whether it’s due to the oppressive pressures of late-stage capitalism, the confusion and uncertainty around identity, gender, and sexual politics, or an unwillingness (or inability) to extend beyond our comfort zones. Thanks to technologically making absolutely everything safe and predictable, people just aren’t able to get down like they used to.



spotify While she doesn’t provide any easy answers, the topic is explored in drippingly sensuous detail from New Zealand singer Siobhan Sainte. Over a growling bassline and boom-bap beat, reminiscent of Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer,” “Midnight” is as honest and intimate as a 12 a.m. confession purred past your earlobe, while still being edgy enough to make sense of today’s romanticism.

Sonically, “Midnight” brings to mind the disembodied, post-flesh world of Sweden’s Fever Ray/The Knife, as Sainte’s vocals pulse with a polished chrome burr, while still sounding wistful and seductive.

Siobhan Sainte invites us to unzip our skin, let down our guard, and embrace vulnerability and the unknown. With technology tackling so many of our daily concerns, it’s time to embrace that which makes us human as we drop our defenses, listening to and learning from one another.