The convergence of technology and art is bittersweet. On one side, technology has made art accessible to almost anyone, but it has also made a long string of copycats with, mimicking the notes of their heroes with their GarageBand. The best artists are the ones who are easily identifiable with an unmistakable, distinct sound. TOKiMONSTA is one of those artists.



youtubeEver since TOKiMONSTA, aka Jennifer Lee, burst on to the scene in 2013, she has proven herself as a reputable singer/songwriter with a distinct ethos. They've all always been a bit warped, emotion first with production as a close second. Her new album, Lune Rouge, debuted October 6 via her own Young Art Records. It's more of what we've already heard from her, only refined. Her third full-length album comes after her recovery from a rare brain condition that forced her to relearn basic motor skills. Perhaps that's why the album feels so cerebral.

Songs like "Estrange" from the compilation take us at We Are: The Guard somewhere far, far away. Of course, as a classically trained pianist, her elaborate keys stand out first, but it's the careful use of synths that make us feel like we're floating. And then there is IO Echo's pure harp-like voice. The combination of the three components is what we imagine floating of a cloud is like. It is the perfect closer to an 11-track record packed with cross-genre highs and lows.