We Are: The Guard is glad that the heat has finally broke in Los Angeles, but the hits are still coming hot and heavy, especially with “Bodies,” the newest track from Australian singer/songwriter Wafia. Is it worth your time or not? Let's dive right in.



spotify Born in the Netherlands in 1993, Wafia Al-Rikabi made her way to Australia and established herself as an up-and-coming musician after turning her hobby into an actual career after studying the incredibly mundane task of majoring in biomedicine. After amassing nearing three million plays on her interpretation of Mario's song, “Let Me Love You,” on Soundcloud, Wafia has released a slew of worthy singles on EPs over the course of the past two years, even garnering the attention from Pharrell with her single, “Heartburn.”

Wafia's newest release called “Bodies” is a politically-charged pop composition featuring her luminescent vocals and electronic-heavy instrumental. Though the instrumental is solid and atypical with modern pop jams, Wafia's vocals really drive the entire song.

Juxtaposing a rather sensitive topic of Syrian refugees with a pleasant pop sound softens the overall calamity of the issue, making it palatable for general consumption. Difficult topics are not the easiest to get across. Thankfully, Wafia knocks it out of the park by softening the blow. As a child of refugee parents, this story parallels the plight of my family. Regardless of ethnic and political border, we are all eerily similar.