French band Basic Tape keep the single coming steady with "Melody," an infectious disco house/future funk love song.

Parisian duo Basic Tape have been quietly operating in the shadows of the music industry the past few years. The solely monikered Sav and Ben came to prominence with a series of high-profile unofficial remixes, gracing singles from Lana Del Ray, Ellie Goulding, and J-Lo with their electropop slickness. They've worked in an official capacity with up-and-coming Indie artists like Niall Horan and Alesso.

High-end pop, timeless romanticism, and underground production instincts combine with Ben's prog-rock tendencies and Sav's love of Dance Pop in the thrilling atom smasher that is "Melody," a four-minute Progressive House opus that brings together Justin Timberlake and Caribou in a single breath.

"Melody" is built around infectiously sweet, bouncy, funky House piano - pure 1994, when Robert Miles reigned king. "Melody" has that same unabashed, sugar-rush optimism and grandeur, telling the story of young, pure love. The girl in question is compared to a song you can't get out of your head, that makes you move and sway when you think of it. It's a simple but deadly-effective metaphor, that's fun to bounce along to. It builds to a climactic chorus, where the pumping, thumping 4/4 club beats really kick in and take hold. It's impossible not to lose yourself in the reckless rush of positivity. Maybe rave's euphoria and Pop's accessibility are finally coming together to meet their ultimate potential?

Basic Tape are, that's for sure. Ben and Sav have the know-how and knowledge to create timeless, time-honored Pop classics. Ben and Sav met in Sound Engineering school, for one thing. The production benefits for it, that's for sure. The bass is thick as traffic in L.A. on Friday evening, but the vocals are as clear as a smog-free day, in spite of it. Getting music to sound both dirty and clean is no easy feat, but Basic Tape have basically mastered the balancing act, despite the fact they have yet to put out a full-length.



"Melody" is not a throwback tune. It's entirely current, despite being rooted in the classics. The sucking, ducking basslines is pure Chillwave. The hummable melodies, memorable lyrics, and shout-along choruses are totally in-tune with Modern Pop, however. Both Justin Timberlake's "Happy" and Sia's "Chandelier." Seeing as how those are two of the biggest Indie Pop singles of recent memory, it says a lot about Basic Tape's Pop potential.

We Are: The Guard have looked into our magic 8-ball and foreseen big things for Basic Tape. They get better and better, and more and more plays, with each successive single. Let's hope they keep 'em coming, and how about a full-length (or even an EP?)


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