New Dev Video: WTF Were They Thinking?


Hi, I'm the Director of the new Dev video "Dancing In The Dark."  Despite this song being a possible Top 10 pop hit, I decided to make a shitty video.  Sure, I had $300,000 to make an epic video but what the only get to make shitty videos every once in a while. 

I had this idea..."black hands."  And that's it. 

No...really.  That's the whole treatment.

Plus...this is really break through. I had this idea to do something REALLY edgy that's never ever been done before like male hands holding Dev's boobs.  Because I'm going to count that none of the 16 year olds we're marketing this to has ever heard of Janet Jackson

OH! Snap!! I almost forgot...I have to make Dev look as unnaturally ugly as possible?

Thankfully, I got my pal, Lord Voldemort to make a guest appearance in that cape.

But really (this isn't the director speaking any more hardy har har)...isn't this REALLY the best Dev video, made for a pizza and Flip Camera in The Cataracs loft in Downtown L.A.? Check out the original demo of "Bass Down Low" which is probably better than how it came out on the radio

I think so.

"Bass Down Low" - Cataracs Feat Dev (Original Demo Production and $10 Video)