New Finds: Poolside Music

6/18/12's time to break out that white fubu tracksuit you love so much. And because it's June, it also means it’s officially summer time, which means that it’s time for some seasonally appropriate music. Uncle Flex has just the thing for you.

Behold, Poolside. A blend of electronic basslines with indie overtones, Poolside is perfect for everything from lying on the beach to the late night cocktail bar; this is a band for every mood of summer. While their track selection on soundcloud is limited, what they produce (here in Los Angeles) is upbeat, funky, and fun. Just think of a laidback pool party with a disco theme.

Poolside - "Take Me Home"


This uptempo groove features Poolside’s energy and driving bass while still being a very easy listening tune. Perfect for when you need something with high register vocals that’s mellow enough to relax to without putting you out like Bon Iver.

Poolside - "Harvest Moon"

"Harvest Moon"’s warm synth flairs and easy groove make for perfect lounging music, whether by the side of the pool with the tanning lotion or out in some rustic field, drinking tea from a mason jar with feathers in your hair. Its whimsical vocals remind me a bit of Miike Snow.


Poolside - "Do You Believe"

"Do You Believe" is the great transition to move from lounging to getting ready for the night out. While it has the slower, focused feel of the other tracks, this one cranks up the bass and adds a great piano line on top of it.


Poolside - Whan Am I Going To Make A Living

Where is the pool?  I'm jumping in now.


Poolside - Night mixtape

It’s in their mixtapes that Poolside really flexes the funk they call daytime disco. Of the four listed I think this is my favorite. It struts about with such a swagger, jamming on the jazz flute and disco strings. Listen for a latin inspired groove later in the set, as well as some pan flute.

Alright ladies and gents, that all Uncle Flex has to say on the matter. Besides that you should remember sunscreen: skin cancer is no fun. Unless you’re into that sort of thing... I guess.


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