New Electro Find: Krewella


Post-dubstep is so 2011...

For New Music For 2012, BitCandy wants the post-post-dubstep, and we want it now.

So shout out to Krewella for stepping up to the game (even if their name does make us contort our mouths in a peculiar way).

Think big-ass aggressive bass drops that you have come to associate with post-dubstep, only with ACTUAL pop songs arranged on top.

Question: why the fuck had nobody thought of this already?

Seriously though - Krewella blow the club doors off with their seductively twisted bangers!

Unsurprisingly, Krewella's mission is to "make you wet, one song at a time." So prepare to go through several panties while listening to this titillating Chicago trio (two of whom are females, a sign dubstep won't be such a sausage fest henceforth?).

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