Forss: What I Listen To at 3 AM


You ever have that moment where you're driving home late at night/early in the morning and realize you don't have any music to adequately soundtrack your ride? Well fear not rockers, because we here at Bitcandy not only pride ourselves on bringing you the Latest New Music, but also music for all occasions.

Which brings us to our newest of New Finds: Forss.

Forss is the nom de plume of Berlin-based Swede, and Soundcloud CTO, Eric Wahlforss. Wahlforss' foray into the world of making music, as opposed to giving the rest of the world the best music streaming system, appears to be the stuff that 3 a.m. is made of. Whether you're starting your day off (which begs the question: WHY!?!?!?!), needlessly staying awake at your house, or trying to safely make your way home from wherever, Forss has got you covered. This truly is the official music of 3 a.m.

(Note: As far as we here at Bitcandy know, there is no such thing as 'the official music of 3 a.m.' or any other time.)

On the surface Forss, and their debut "album" Ecclesia, appears to be really lovely ambient music, the type you'd likely hear in a gothic cathedral somewhere in Eastern Europe. But if you dig a little deeper, you'll find there's a lot more going on. Ecclesia is actually an audiovisual app for the iPad. The whole package, music and visual stimuli, will cost you $3.99 over at iTunes. You can preview said app over at youtube. But if you just want to listen to the music, we've got that streaming for you below.


Thanks for stopping by and checking out our Latest New Music. We hope that if you're driving anywhere at 3 a.m. that you're safe and sober. Remember that you too can become a curator and contribute to our New Finds section. And as always you can…


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