New Finds: Kids Without Instruments


Giving you a little scoop here...BitCandy has just made our 2nd signing, Kids Without Instruments.   MarBear and FrankJavCee are like all college kids their age. When they are not attending school, they like to go to Disneyland, walk along the beach, play video games, or just make epic indie pop music. It just so happens that, in between whiling away their teens (in what they will one day realise were the most precious ways possible), this adorable Long Beach duo also make awesome electro-pop under the Kids Without Instruments moniker.

Take a peak at some tunes before they get remixed and mastered:

FrankJavCee lovingly labels Kids With Instruments "a Crystal Castles cover band from California." While they don't literally cover CC, their starry-eyed affection for Alice Glass and other alt-electronica pins-ups is the undoubted catalyst behind their music-making. But Kids Without Instruments impress us not because they rise to the creep beats of the Castles, but because they write music that is precisely free of the pretension so prominent among their older peers.

KWI are youthful, authentic, and most importantly, they know how to write a damn good hook. FrankJavCee provides the dizzying, 8bit-inspired backings to MarBear's strong, often soulful vocals, resulting in what they have deemed "beep boop dancy music..." But beyond the aural cute-bombs, there lies a genuinely thought-provoking lyricism. Just take "Fossils," an existentialist lament about losing a loved one to the afterlife: "Some day we'll turn into dust/Places we used to love will be rust/In another life I won't know your name/In another life things won't be the same."

You can hear more from Kids Without Instruments over at their Soundcloud page, or 'like' their Facebook and thus help them take one step closer to their dream -- "to make money to buy pizza."

Seriously, can you adopt them?  Cuz we did :) 


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