New Indie Finds: Noosa


New Indie Find: Noosa.  Written by Russell D

As my friend and I were driving around downtown LA the other day, with the windows rolled down and my iPhone plugged into the stereo, I switched on NYC-based duo Noosa’s recent new music for 2012 debut EP. As I sat there silently (ermm… maybe there was just a wee bit of singing at the top of my lungs involved, but definitely no dancing) enjoying the emotion-filled vocals of Sky Barbarick, mixed together flawlessly with multi-instrumentalist Matt Buszko’sbeats, my friend teased me “you’re always listening to her.” Knowing precisely who he meant, I immediately shot back, “this isn’t Lana Del Rey.”

It’s no wonder that my friend mistook the duo for Lana Del Rey. Noosa bears an undeniable resemblance to Lana, including the same somber vocals and minor chord progressions. Unlike Lana, Noosa proves that their talent isn’t as one-dimensional as melancholy love songs from a generation past. Noosa’s 5-track EP delivers songs that will take you from the club… to an indie dive bar… to the beach.

“Walk On By” is a downtempo track, which features delicate piano cords backing Sky’s raspy vocals, that gradually builds momentum into an explosive chorus. The lyrics pave an unfortunate tale about a love-lost and it will probably prove to be the track that most likely reminds you of Lana.

“Fear Of Love” was Noosa’s debut single which preceded their EP release. The synth-filled dance track is begging to flex its muscles and pound against high quality nightclub speakers. Buszko proves his worth as not just an instrumentalist, but an extremely capable producer.

The variety on Noosa’s debut EP is outstanding and, whether your plans involve lying out on the beach or impressing your friends with your hipster beats, I’m sure you’ll find something for you from this duo.  

One of our favorite new music for 2012 picks.

Lyrics for "Fear of Love"

These waters filled with motion
They're moving every way
The currents getting stronger
We're gonna drown some day
If we don't
Settle down

500 words on paper
To tell you that I'm here
I'm never going nowhere
Until I hear you say I'm yours
But your heart is armed

Fear of love
Mirrors in the moonlight x 3

You see yourself in every one who crosses your path
But I can't tell you enough
That's not who they are deep inside
Will you let it go

I'll wait for as long as
It takes for you to see
It seems the devil's got a
Piece of your heart
And you can't see
That you're beautiful

Fear of love
Mirrors in the moonlight x 3