New Indie Finds: Valleys


New Indie Finds: Valleys. Written by Reeno Buzzhawk.

Swarthing around in the return-to-reverb moment in Millennial rock, this Montreal trio is finally getting its cred as a shimmering warrior of the sound at a perfect moment when Beach Housian hearts need a good stab to the self-deprecating heart. Trading male and female vocal lofts, when brooding Marc St Louis is at the helm, the soundscapes can roam from broken cable fuzz circa Sebadoh-era Lou Barlow warbling "snorting stardust in heaven" - see "Modern Air" - sentiments or panic Cursive howls from the lonely fields of a Canada winter:

While Louis' counterpart, the Mazzy Star-ish Matilda Perks can ride digi-drum tumbles like an indie-sheik, promising "change" on an EP called River Phoenix and a song called "Debt Bondage," as strangling EBow pulls choke the angst right out of you in one twisted shoegazey vibe we're calling S&M-gaze. Threatening waves of knobbery with bursts of sunlight if you know the safety word. Hint: the safety word is Valleys.


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