New Peaches Video and Meet Vice Cooler


There's two great events going on here to fascinate the end your week.  First, rock/electro/rapper icon Peaches completes her 12th video, finishing the entire 12 song video series for her album 'I Feel Cream.'  

In other words, yes, Peaches made a video for every song on her last album.  And the best and most crazy, outrageous, inventive cool (and yes, smelly) might be this new video for 'Mud.'  

And I can just hear Kanye West saying at the next MTV Video Awards...'Yo ..._____ (jnsert pop star name here), I'm really happy for ya...Imma let you finish but Peaches had the the best video of ALL TIME!' 
And yes.  That is real fertilizer (aka a nice word for shit) being dropped on active participants. Lots of 'layers' going on here if you know what I mean!
So that's the first order of business.  The 2nd thing is getting to know Los Angeles based Director (and Musician), Vice Cooler, the director of this inventive 'Mud' video piece.  I really think we're going see a lot more exciting vids from Vice. 
On that note, here are just a few of his indie low fi videos that preceeded 'Mud.'  Could Vice be the next Spike Jonze?   I hope so.  Becuase...Vice is a righteous dude. 
Video Primer for Vice Cooler - Some of the best Vice directed videos leading up to 'Mud'
Slow Animal 'TheFUNSun" (definitely the prequel to Peaches "Mud")

La Sera "Devils Hearts Grow Gold"

Kit "Ambrosia"

Signals "What Dreams"