In life there are those who copy and the innovators who build off pre-existing forms. New artist Nick D' and the Believers belong to the latter group.



While there's a decidedly British slant to the variety of soul-rock Nick D' and the Believers seem to effortlessly churn out, the trio actually hails from the Midwest. Columbus, Ohio is the 15th largest city in the United States, Nick D'Andrea and bandmates Kerry Henderson and Joseph Barker call "The Indie Art Capital of the World" (yeah, that's a real thing) home. All three had musical outlets before they combined their powers of guitar pop majesty. D'Andrea was playing as a solo act, using backing tracks to flesh out his sound. Barker was working as a producer, and Henderson was playing with Columbus band Floorwalkers. The trio found instant chemistry once they started playing together and the rest as they say is rock n roll history. With D'Andrea on lead vocals and keys, Henderson on guitar, and Barker pounding away on the drums they quickly made inroads in the local scene and soon became known for the "ferocity" of their live act.

In August of 2013 they self-release their debut, the Throwing Stones EP. The record was unanimously praised by anyone lucky enough to hear it, and the band slowly started to grow their audience outside of their home state. As the band continues to play, the people who fall in love with their sound continue to multiply. They've already played both coasts this year (2014 for any future readers) and show no signs of slowing down.

These guys are fixing to blow up. Are you a Believer yet?



According to D'Andrea, the name Nick D' and the Believers is meant to harken back to motown groups like Smokey Robinson and the Miracles, or rock legends Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Despite inspiring the name, neither of those groups seem to have much sway over the Columbusites sound. Their fusion of guitar pop and new soul definitely recalls The Beatles, but such comparisons tend to be more of a curse than anything else.

"The Black Keys were a huge inspiration for us, especially the album Brothers. We really wanted to find a big drum sound and also to get layers of harmonies and a dirty synth sound.

"I’d say the classic band we reference the most in the studio is Fleetwood Mac, circa Rumours. We try and channel the energy they hit.", D'Andea recently told the Columbus Dispatch.

The Black Keys are an obvious influence to the Nick D' and the Believers' sonic stylings, from the dirty synth to the pounding percussions. They also borrow nicely from MGMT, Foster the People, and the like.

One thing for certain though is that the band is intent on forging their own sound. Thus far they're off to a great start.



Nick D' and the Believers are currently working on their debut record We Grew Up Wild.

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