"Starship"-Nicki Minaj Jumps The Shark


The Latest Music Tracks on Billboard include Nicki Minaj's "jumping the shark" track "Starships."  But should it be also on the charts for one of the Worst Tracks of 2012 as well?  


You know why people embraced Onika Tanya Maraj (yes that's her real name) from the start?  Because she was different, unique, a twist of WTF, flamboyance and edgy delivery and taking chances.   


Does that sound like this song?   Nope.  




What we get delivered instead from mega producer (on notice) Red One is a homogenized song that could have been sung literally by Miley Cyrus.  But maybe that's the trend of 30-50 year old + women (see Madonna's current single) making music for 13 year olds.   


I mean...even the album artwork for this single is totally shitty.  Who's in charge of this project?  My old middle school A/V department? 


Nicki should have pushed the boundaries more and been weird and edgy.  We love weird.   But instead it seems like the waters are being chummed for a "jumping the shark" mass appeal type of song.   


And just where did the term "Jump the Shark" come from?  Well none other than Happy Days when to pump up failing ratings the TV show "Happy Days" had Fonzi "Jump a Shark" which was a two episode cliff hanger.  


I mean really.  Nicki...You're a rapper.  These are the hottest lyrics you spittin?


Starships were meant to fly (duh!?)
Hands up and touch the sky (never heard that lyric before)
Can't stop cuz we're so high (please, stop right now) 
Let's do this one more time (please No...one scoop of vanilla is enough...I'm on a diet).


Or are we better off with her last single "Stupid Hoe" which besides the bad use of cracked out looking make up and having a huge amount of dislikes...is actually doing something original and taking some chances? 




What do you think ... Is "Starships" the turning point for Nicki's career? 


Is this a jump sharking moment?  


Is "Starships" the polar opposite of "Stupid Hoe" and is Nicki playing it safe?   


What's next...ass reduction?  (Hopefully not...because that's a 10 all day).
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