Niki & The Dove 'The Fox' Free MP3


It's true, the Swede's have a pretty solid lock on credible indie pop music (at least on a person per square mile basis).  

I mean...from Peter, Bjorn & John to The Knife to Robyn you'd have to think "something is in the water."  Or maybe it's just that the winters in that fine country, you ony get 3-4 hours of daylight and everyone shacks up in their studio and makes amazing music.  

So, Enter Niki & The Dove on SubPop in the U.S., who we've been following ever since catching on a Sounds of Scandinavia Compilation of new artists about 5 months ago.  This is going to be one of 'the' releases of 2011.  

Here's a free Mp3 compliments of SubPop.

Niki & The Dove - "The Fox"

Niki And The Dove - The Fox by subpop

Signature songs we've been loving are also:

Niki & The Dove - "DJ Ease My Mind" (absolutely awesome)

Niki & The Dove - "Mother Protect"

The 12" set is dropping June 14th.  And we can't wait.  

Keep an eye out on the original Swedish label that signed and discovered NIki & The Dove.  They also have Icona Pop, and I have a feeling more "BitCandy" like these 2 artists are on the way.  


-- G L I T C H --