Noisia & The Upbeats Imperial EP


Your Latest New Music today comes from a trio of producers from the Netherlands know simply as Noisia & The Upbeats. These eclectic DJs are cultivating a new style of music that some are calling "Dutch-step" due to the band's heritage. Okay, no one is calling it that, but they really should. I can't be alone in thinking that we need more pub-based genres.

Anyhow, check out Noisia's Imperial EP below. Highlight tracks include "Dustup" and "Imperial":

Noisia has been working on these four tracks for sometime now, so don't be surprised if they had a quick turn around and release some more new material here shortly.

The Imperial EP is out now via Vision Recordings. You can pick it up at all reputable record stores, both physical and digital. Or in lieu of paying for it, weird how people still do that right, you can just stream it on here for free til your hearts content.

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