Owl City Can't Afford Good Space Costumes


Owl City can’t Afford Good Space Costumes or in this case a good song too. Yeah, I know this is a serious video but it’s kind of funny watching the Owl City dude and Shawn Christopher walk around with pseduo Attack From Mars get ups.

I imagine 2 scenarios could have happened here that cause these amazingly bad space suits to enter the video.  

1st Scenario: Director used up all the budget and forgot about adding in a line on the expenses for good looking space suits.

2nd Scenario: It’s like they showed up at the prop rental place in North Hollywood and oops...Star Treck XII was filming and all the shop had left was some old 50s Martian mock ups (kinda like when you try to find a last minute costume on Halloween).

3rd Scenario: They actually thought this looked good.

Nice one guys!