Family is everything, you guys. This is especially true in the case of brother/sister duo Paperwhite, who are busy churning out best new tracks like “Magic.”

Hailing from Newton, PA, Ben and Kate Marshall now reside in Brooklyn. They mix a retro synth sound with pop sensibilities. Ben is also the drummer of fellow Brooklynite band Savoir Adore, but he still finds more than enough time to make the electronic textures for his sister’s voice to glide over. 

With “Magic” they’ve built off the promise from their debut single “Got Me Goin’,” while managing to simultaneously raise the bar. “Magic” is a radiant indie pop gem, as Kate’s vocals glide with ease across the uber bright soundscape her brother has created. Perfect for soaking up some sun, driving to the beach, or really any other activity you associate with summer, “Magic” is destined to put a hop in your step and bring back that feeling of school being out. Hear it for yourself below:



“Magic” is out now. Pick it up over at iTunes.

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