10 New Indie Pop & Remix Tracks! (Week 48) 2012


Happy almost Friday! It’s so nice to be back! Over the holiday weekend I got a chance to musically bond with grandpa Nati. I taught him all there is to know about the good, the bad, and fugly of pop. To properly quote him, he was “DISGUSTED” by all the lamestreamers.

Anyways...long story short, I managed to get his approval for this weeks best of indie pop, hip hop, remixes and alternative pop that doesn't suck!  POPKILLER!


Lana Del Rey - Ride (Wes James Remix)

Okay, earlier this month I died listening to LDR’s Paradise EP, but this fresh remix by Wes James is not bad at all. Lana could have had herself a decent song on her album if she had included this one.


Rihanna - Diamonds (Congorock Remix Radio)

Yes! Yes! Yes! This is how I like to hear “Diamonds” by Rihanna.  How can you go wrong with Congorock? He’s a beast.


Frank Ocean - Thinkin Bout You Ryan Hemsworth Bootleg

One word describes this song: Eargasmic. What a sweet treat from Hemsworth. Reserve this one for some baby making.


Chris Brown - Don't Judge Me (Robots With Rayguns Remix)

Don’t Judge Me?” Hey dude, you beat up your girlfriend in your lambo and tried to eat her. I think I find that request hard to swallow. Robots with Rayguns on the other hand, I just want to make Holiday gift baskets for all day long.


In The A - Big Boi (feat. Ludacris & T.I.)

ATL royalty represent respectively their branded image. Like a bull on steroids, it comes at you fast and hard. This track is killer.


Bright Light Bright Light - Good Times

Toning it down a bit with BLBL. This is my kind of pop. When I envision a poptronica god I see Rod Thomas.


Lana Del Rey featuring Kanye West - Can't Tell Me Nothing (Money Is The Anthem) [Urban Noize Remix]

A mashup within a mashup, you say? That’s some inception shit right there. “Money is the Anthem,” which is Lana Del Rey with Notorious B.I.G., has been combined with Kanye West’s "Allure" with interesting results.


Nirvana - Polly Bruno Be Remix

File this in the “Oh no...you really didn’t do this category” next to “Um, hmm...shit, maybe I like this.” Kurt would(n't) approve?


T.I. - Sorry ft. André 3000 [Explicit]

At this point I don’t know if and when T.I. will be releasing his new album. Until then I guess this track will do. I’m digging the beat and all but it just seems like it’s suited for an André 3000 album, cuz he murdered it.


Ke$ha and Iggy Pop - Dirty Love

Ke$ha the Rocker? Curveball! We were on a roll with pretty sweet music. How does Ke$h manage to sneak in our list every week? Here’s a leak to her latest cock-pop...oh no it’s kinda catchy and oh no... it’s got Iggy. Hmmm, if you happen to sing along like I just did, I won’t judge.

Cockroaches do it/
In garbage cans/
Rug merchants do it/
In Afghanistan/
Santorum did it/
In a V-neck sweater/
Pornos produce it/
But wild child can do it better


Looks like we’ve come to the end of this weeks best of Popkiller. We’ll be back next week with a list full of pop that doesn’t suck ...or as grandpa would say pop that is “muy bueno.”

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