PopKiller Best Songs - Week 23


That's right...I said Pop Killer.  We think there's a whole new pop movement happening.  Artists like Foster The People, Nicki Minaj, Jai Paul and yes, even those two lovely Frenchman Justice fit in to the equation. Cuz you see...Our version of pop radio is what we call the POP KILLER channel...where pop music is not a 3 or 4 letter word...this is where pop is cool, edgy, has a vibe, original and forward thinking.  Fortunately for us...mainstream radio (particularly in the United States) hasn't get the memo of this cultural phase shift. .  

So on that note, here are just a few of the songs we're adding to the Pop Killer playlist later in the week.  
Oh Land vs Nelly vs Kanye vs Young Buck, "Son Of A Nun" - one of the best mash ups that's come across our desk and speakers in 2011.


Nicki Minaj "Catch Me" - only available on the Best Buy Nicki Minaj edition.  WTF....I'm gonna have to drive to Best Buy for this...Screw that! 

Foster The People "Waste" - sure sure sure you've heard "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Helena Beat" but this track and "Houdini are our picks for next single.  Mainstream radio should be playing the shit out of Foster The People....but that's ok, we will.

Foster The People "Houdini" 

Jai Paul "BTSTU" - I've been hearing this track for the past 6 months via being long listed in the BBC Sounds of 2011 polll...but this track was only just officially released.  Gotta hand it to XL Recordings for finding another gem.  

Justice "Civilization" - can't wait for new Justice imminently coming.  But yo, what's up with those Buffaloes in the video?  I don't wanna hear no buffalo stampede when i'm jamming on my Justice! 

"Swimming In The Sky" Passion Pit vs. B.I.G. vs Beyonce - another great mash up just in time for the summer

The Killers "Mr. Brightside" one of my favorite songs, one of my favorite remixes. 

"Girls Who Save The World" Adele vs Britney vs SHM vs Dragonnette vs Nadia - nice job from new (at least to me) mash up man 3Lau.