Indie Posers: 5 Hype-Fail Tracks (Ew...)


We here at LA Music Blog, BitCandy, not only bring you the BEST indie, electro and alt pop. Oh NO! We also bring you the motherfunking WORST!  Enter the Posers, aka, the HUGEST hype fails of the past week!

The rest of the blogosphere have creamed their skinny ass jeans over the following five tracks. But don't believe the buzz, errybody! Truth is, these songs have ZERO staying power. So someone take them to the indie landfill to meet Titus Andronicus, Cymbals Eat Guitars and those other bros that you have LONG forgotten!


S O H N “Red Lines”

Oh, S O H N, we had SUCH high hopes! We penned a New Find post on you and everythang! But when we looked up the word “boring” in the dictionary today, this song played! Sort it, bro. You are SO much better than this!


The Coup "WAVIP ft. Das Racist and Killer Mike"

And the crappiest rap song of the week goes to...YOU GUESSED IT! Genuine question: How many times has this drum beat been recycled? Also, congrats on writing the lamest chorus hook EVER, The Coup!


S-Type “Billboard”

So LuckyMe Records have bombed BIG time with “Billboard.” Is that a MIDI fucking trumpet I hear? Wow. Just wow. Rustie has shitty taste...


Toro Y Moi "So Many Details"

Here is the coma-inducing first cut from Toro Y Moi's forthcoming album, Anything In Return. Hey, Toro, take our advice - rename your album NOTHING In Return. Or even better...don't release it at all!


Haim “Don't Save Me”

We LOVE ham. We HATE Haim. SO much hype, and then all they can deliver is THIS crappy piece of 80s pastiche? We'll pass on the debut album and wait for the sex tape instead...


OUCH, we do love a good bitch here at LA Music Blog, BitCandy. Bite me! But hey, things aren't ALL bad! If you want the BEST indie, electro and alt pop of the week, clickity click on the links below!

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