Argonaut & Wasp - The Sneeze

In 2015, Brooklyn natives Argonaut & Wasp released their debut EP, Future Protocol.  All four singles from the EP shot their way up the Hypem charts and the duo quickly started gaining the attention of music tastemakers. This year they greet current and future fans with a new single. We’re happy to premiere with you today “The Sneeze,” a sleek stimulating production that opens listeners to a genre bending world where pop meets rock and tropical house.

“The Sneeze” is undeniably entertaining. Diving in head first, the track feels like tropical music but it stings like rock n’ roll. The playful warm tones are inviting and spark a curiosity that sets listeners on a musical exploration that leads to the realization that it’s 40 degrees outside and summer at this point only exists if you hit replay. If that’s not brilliant song writing then I don’t know what is. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise below:




What we just heard is some pretty compelling material. The dimension of Argonaut & Wasp production style opens up a new perspective to dance music. More releases can be expected from throughout the year. For more on the duo support and visit them on their following channels:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/argonaut-and-wasp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/argonautandwasp
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Argonaut_Wasp
Website: http://www.argonautandwasp.com/

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