With CHIMES releasing their hotly anticipated Ninety Four EP tomorrow via M:UK we figured it was time to highlight this Dance Pop duo in all their glory right here on We Are: The Guard. This EP is the first official release from CHIMES, a new collaboration between London-based pop producer Jamie Draper and multi-genre songwriter/vocalist Paul Aiden. Draper has written singles for Lapsley, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora while Paul Aiden has dabbled in everything from folk to EDM to R&B and everything in between. These two seasoned veterans deserve all the support they’re getting. With support from BBC Introducing and key Spotify playlists, I’m sure they’re about to take over the world with their catchy pop EDM that’s sure to have festivals bouncing all year long.



While the ‘Nite’ in "Nite Swimming" is an homage to the late, great Prince’s spelling of the word, I can’t say it sounds much like the purple funky one. What it does sound like is a hook filled EDM anthem with a melodic drum beat and tingling harmonies that drum up images of floating amongst the stars in space. Paul Aiden’s voice has hints of Chris Martin and "Nite Swimming" reminds me of the best possible version of the Coldplay x Chainsmokers collaboration than anything. But way better. Congrats dudes, you made a radder song than two of the most gigantic artists on the planet. Time to pat yourself on the back… all the way to the bank.

 Paul from CHIMES was kind enough to answer a few questions we had for them...

How did you guys originally get into music?

My mum used to sing to me when I was around 3 months old, I think that's when it started for me. I got my first guitar at 8 and wrote my first bunch of songs around 9 so a long time, absolutely obsessed by it.

What artists did you grow up listening to and how have they influenced your music?

I grew up listening to pop music like Michael Jackson but bands like Coldplay and Radiohead have stylistically had more of an impact, I was also into clubbing to house music so it's a blend of everything really.

What can you tell us about NITE SWIMMING?

I think it's our most mature track yet. A song about wanting to be with someone again but it's very positive and upbeat, it's a hopeful tune. It's my favourite CHIMES track to date.

Outside of music what do you do? (games, sports, netflix n chil, etc.)

We both love gaming, PS4 mainly and both love games like Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs.

What's next?

I think we will go on holiday and write some new tunes whilst knocking back a few cocktails in the sun.

If you could eat one person dead or alive who would you eat and why?

Our manager. Next question...

We'd like to thank Chimes for their time. 

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