Lucky day, hooray! Today We Are: The Guard has the exclusive premiere of Coach & Ref’s “3-D.” Never heard of them? Yeah, nobody has. But now we all have the edge on the rest of the world with this drop right here. They’re newer than babies that haven’t even been conceived yet. They sure ain’t no gas station sushi. This is freshly caught fish, trapped in a net and slapped down straight on a thumbfull of rice all tied together with a little bit of seaweed paper.

“3-D” comes out officially on Friday, but we have it today. Lucky day indeed! [If you are reading this on Friday or even sometime after that welcome to the party. Pull up a stool, stay a while, give this one a listen or three]. This is a bit of funky futurist nu-electro synth-pop that deserves an add to your playlists of about six or seven different kinds of genres. 



Featuring Brooke Tomlinson on vocal, this debut single comes from an exciting new collaborative partnership between longtime friends and studio partners Bleu and Daple. Separately these two have worked with some of pop’s biggest icons: Selena Gomez (dated Justin Bieber), Demi Lovato (also dated Justin Bieber) and the Jonas Brothers (did they date Justin Bieber as well?)  Bleu and Daple both have astonishingly prolific careers making original music and scores to TV shows and movies you’ve definitely seen. Don’t you dare sneeze at the idea of film composers being killer producers. Childish Gambino met his producer while they were both working on Community, and now “Redbone” is the most important song of the 22nd century (hasn’t happened yet). Are Coach & Ref the next Childish Gambino? That’s definitely a weird question considering how fundamentally different they are. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

This one is for those of you into retro-futurist synth-pop, the ones who like a little throwback in there what the hell is that?  Coach & Ref are interested in “stepping out of our manicured virtual-reality skins for a moment to be with someone in actual real-time three-dimensional humanity.” Sounds like somebody’s got a major issue with Instagram? Date a model much?  Let’s not throw a filter on this one. Not that it would even need it, as this track is functioning perfectly well as is.

For a first tune, I am certainly interested. Coach & Ref, y’all can judge my form and score any day. Can’t wait to see what’s next. 


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