Joe Taylor - Battlefield

You may not be familiar with singer-songwriter Joe Taylor, but that is soon about to change. Hailing from northern England, the artist creates soul pop music, spinning 90s RnB and nu soul.

Prior to launching his solo artist career, Joe was writing top lines for the likes of Karen Harding, Wilkinson, and others. He’s now penning original songs for himself and today, we have the pleasure to feature his sound by sharing with you all his debut single “Battlefield” that deserves some serious attention.

Co-written by Jedidah Allcock & produced by Pearse Macintyre, the song is remarkably gorgeous. His mesmeric vocals deliver a timeless sound that together with lyrics stir up deeply rooted emotions creating a chill inducing sonic experience. Taylor describes “Battlefield” as a song “based on feelings about surrendering to yourself, and realizing that the wounds from previous relationships might have not yet healed.” Prepare to reach for the tissues as you enjoy listening to this tune.



Ladies and gents, Joe Taylor is double threat. Be sure to keep an eye for him as he continues to release new material throughout the year.

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