Len Sander - Mendrake

Fresh off a gorgeous and well executed debut LP, Phantom Garden, the Swiss space pop sextet have been hard at work sharing their wonderful music. Today you get to listen and watch a taste of Len Sander, the band that has us under their bewitching spell. They share with us the release of the video for their dark heart-wrenching single, “Mendrake.” Featuring the beautiful vocals of front woman Blanka Inauen, they’ve created an emotive spacious landscape that is second to none. “Mandrake” is track that, together with the well directed video by Janic Halioua, will have you transfixed from beginning to end.

“Imagine an endless tunnel, a claustrophobic dream padded with cloned dusly emotions,” states the band, “a sweet destructive tension between between raging lovers — this is “Mandrake.”” Indulge yourselves in this enchanting track below BitCandy readers.



Check out Len Sander’s Soundcloud to see the rest of their recent singles and make sure not to miss their newly released debut album on iTunes.


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