Low Cut High Tops - Cigarettes And Wine

Seattle's Low Cut High Tops Get Healthily Unhealthy With "Cigarettes And Wine."

Oscar Wilde, that endless source of timeless wisdom, says "All good things in moderation, including moderation." Anything can become unhealthy, when taken to extremes - exercise, health food, even trying to be a good person! Sometimes you've just got to relax, let loose, let it all hang out!

We Are: The Guard suspect Oscar Wilde would approve of Low Cut High Tops' new single, "Cigarettes And Wine." Wilde expresses his love of smoking in The Picture Of Dorian Gray, "A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?”

What more can one want, indeed? Except for a nice glass of Bordeaux. Drinking and smoking go together like smoke and fire. If you're already leaning into the wanton decadence, why not go all the way?

Doctors say a glass of wine a day can be good for you. It relaxes the nervous system and lowers the blood pressure. Cigarettes serve as a nice little spike of stimulant, amidst the relaxation. Call it 'the poet's speedball,' it'll leave you feeling awake yet unselfconscious.



Low Cut High Tops' one-of-a-kind lo-fi jangle rock is the sonic equivalent of this roller coaster ride. David Burns' distinctive reedy vocals pique the blood, making you sit up and pay attention, looking forward to the next confession. The music, however, is a laidback swagger, a swaying beach-like rhythm guitar and slow country waltz drum beat. There's even a dang toy piano, showcasing some of Low Cut High Top's twee tendencies amidst his slacker rock.

We Are: The Guard thank the constellations there are still artists chasing the dragon, leaning into decadence and telling the tales they find there. Rock 'n roll is no health club, however. This is music from the streets, remember, real stories from real people. Real people are often escapist, self-destructive, prone to questionable decisions. We don't want our indie rock to sound like a trip to Trader Joe's, with its endless corridors of brown paper packaging.

Low Cut High Tops doesn't like being compared to other artists, as David Burns has gone to great lengths to do his own thing. He's even followed the time-honored musical blueprint of dropping out of art school, championed by Bob Dylan. If we were forced to form a musical analogy, We Are: The Guard would say Low Cut High Tops has a bit of the plastic pop of our friend Ariel Pink mixed with the classic lo-fi twee indie rock Washington is famous for, from K Records to the experimental bucolic folk of Little Wings or The Microphones.

We Are: The Guard recommend you drink and smoke responsibly but listen to "Cigarettes And Wine" recklessly!

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