Low Cut High Tops - Typical

Low Cut High Tops would have been huge on 90’s college radio.

David Burn’s unusual (yet not un-pleasant) singing voice would have fit right in with the generation who grew up on Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (or the Sex Pistols) and were the first ones to realize that you didn’t have to actually be able to sing worth a damn to sing on a hit song. I mean this is so vastly different to today’s scene where every singer autotunes their voice if it isn’t pitch perfect (to varying rates of success, see Kanye West’s 808’s & Hearbreaks for examples of both). This was a different time though: a time where was so much room for quirky indie grunge power pop acts with infectious melodies that rip-roared out of MTV and CMJ and other three letter acronym music influencers. This was the era that birthed Pavement and Sonic Youth but also gave real and fair shots to The Flaming Lips and The Presidents of the United States of America. So what is something like “Typical” doing in 2018 when it would have fit in so well 20 years ago?

Re-inventing the wheel babyyyy! LIKE SOME BRAND NEW STINKY CHEESE!! Everything is cyclical! We got Republicans back in the White House! Kids are Protesting! 2018 is 1992 all over again!!



“Typical” is Low Cut High Tops’ killer new follow-up to his equally killer debut album, Eh Whatever, which has amassed more Spotify streams that $dollars$ I’ll ever make in my entire life. This Seattle frontman, axman and everything-in-between-man is bringing grunge back to the modern age with hints of electronic production, killer guitar licks and the voice of a man who sounds like he couldn’t give less of a shit about what you think of him. Doesn’t that make you love him even more? Not since The Thermals’ Fuckin’ A have I heard power-punk scuzzed out guitar angst that’s having this much fun. I want to have fun too. Let’s have some fun, yeah? Go Ahead. BOP AROUND YOUR ROOM LIKE YOU’RE THIRTEEN AGAIN AND YOU REMEMBER WHAT IT’S LIKE TO HAVE FUN AND NOT WORRY ABOUT HOW YOU’RE GOING TO PAY RENT THIS MONTH. This song ain’t anything but Typical.

Out now courtesy or your favorite influencers, We Are: The Guard. You’re Welcome!

Stream/Download "Typical" by Low Cut HIgh Tops now: https://WeAreTheGuard.lnk .to/o-kWM


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