Project 46 Remixes Deadmau5


Project 46 continues their assault on the EDM world with their latest remix of Deadmau5's newest single, "The Veldt." This particular edit is called the "Happy Technology Pancake Remix." Of course it is. I've always wondered how remix tracks get their names, but I feel like this track's title confirms that the names are almost exclusively pulled from someone's ass.

Ignore all that, though, and check out today's installment of Best New Songs and listen to Deadmau5 "The Veldt (Project 46 Happy Technology Pancake Remix)" below:


Hopefully this track ushers in a whole new sub-genre of EDM: Pancake House. Electronic Dance Music written exclusively for the Denny's, IHOP's, Waffle Houses, et al, of the world.

While we wait to see if this new syrup-infused genre ever takes off, you can head on over to iTunes and pick up Deadmau5's new track "The Veldt." If you want Project 46's remix that you heard here, head on over to

Oh, and you can always...


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