Top Unknown Horror: [REC], (Spanish, 2007)


There is no ‘pause’ button on [REC].  I think Danny Boyle (director of ‘28 Days Later’ and ‘28 Weeks Later.’) would even attest to this.  This Spanish zombie movie directed by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza is such a rare treat, especially the last 10 minutes—a riveting sequence where Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) is in pitch blackness, yet her partner, Pablo (Pablo Rosso) holding a digital video camera with night vision can see all that’s about to take place. 

Alright, so maybe shaky-cam/POV movies (like The Blair Witch Project, Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield) have been beaten into the ground. But [Rec], made a while back in 2007, feels so fresh, perhaps because it has a more compellingly realistic vibe to it compared to other mainstream films. Its creepiness factor, combined with paranoia, confusion, tension, is so vivid that you feel you are in the room.


Alternate Movie Trailer

Horror movies are so rarely well done and this one, especially the last moments will rock your (fortunately for today) current non-zombie existence.

But as far as zombie movies go, or any monster movies for that matter...[REC] is definitely a Top 10 and right up there with the aforementioned Danny Boyle modern classics.   Spoiler alert...if you want to see the last 4 minutes and get a taste of what you might be in for check out this vid.  (sorry this youtube below has no English subtitles...but you won't need em.). 



In Barcelona, [Rec] late-night TV reporter, Angela Vidal (Manuela Velasco) follows a squad of firefighters on night shift via the lens of her cameraman, Pablo (Pablo Rosso). The goal is to give the viewers an idea of the firefighters professional life while the rest of the public is asleep. 

At first, everything starts out rather boring…it seems the news crew aren’t going to get a good story, but then the fire crews receive a distress call from an old lady trapped in her apartment. 

Arriving on the scene at the apartment building, frenzied tenants are gathered in the lobby complaining about screams upstairs. Firemen Manu and Alex, two policemen, along with Angela and Pablo go upstairs and find a very troubled and mumbling old lady, who tries to attack them. The woman brutally bites one fireman, who turns into a zombie and starts attacking others.

They return to the lobby and discover that they’ve been trapped, as the police outside have quarantined the entire building. The ‘virus’ is now rapidly spreading and there's only so much time before they all become infected. Now, the only important thing is hiding, getting away and trying desperately to stay alive. However, they must continue recording until the end, no matter what happens.