Best New Tracks - Rhye "Open" + "The Fall"


In an era in which ubiquity and over-saturation rule, it's refreshing to find there are some artists who can still keep a low profile and let their work speak for them. Los Angeles based duo Rhye is one such artist.

Rhye consists of Mike Milosh (who released three albums using his last name as a monkier) and Robin Hannibal of Danish electro-soul outfit Quadron. Besides that factoid there is next to nothing known about these cats.

The band has a sound that will put Sade and The xx on notice. Mike Milosh vocals are more than perfect, they're immaculate. You want to go swimming in them.  Oh and just in case there was any doubt.  This is a dude singing! 

Their debut album, Woman, comes out March 5th on Innovative Leisure. Watch the video for their first single "Open" below:

Now even though the singer has the first name Mike, it's still hard to believe that's a guy. But it is. For further proof, here's another one of the band's videos:


"The Fall"

You can find some more of Rhye's music on their soundcloud page. You can pre-order "Woman" here.

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