Simon Cowell's DJ Show = Instant Fail


Got time for one of our la "Culture Popular" posts?  Did you hear the latest?  Holy Shit Bombs.  Simon Cowell is developing a DJ version of X Factor/American Idol...called (originality coming) "The Next DJ Star!"  That's right, SIMON COWELL is on the hunt to find the next big DJ global DJ star, penetrating the vapid souls of American and UK TV households and creating a TV show platform for electro music.   You know what I think?


In the press release (you can read here at Billboard), Simon acknowledged that the DJ / Electro world globally has been exploding, particularly in the U.S. and that "DJs are the new Rock Stars." 

First of all...this is just gross.  

Secondly, the comment for Cowell to say that "DJs are the new Rock Stars" is precisely why this show WILL NOT work.   DJ's ARE Rock Stars.  Rock Stars WILL tell you to "get tossed."  Rock Stars HAVE "FU money."   Rock Stars SAY "No."   Rock Stars HAVE integrity and their fans come first.  

I saw another article where it mentions that Skrillex will "surely" (they're guessing) be a judge or a guest performer.  RIGHT!  Really, you think one of the most credible break outs of the electronic / dubstep genre is going to pimp himself for America's "race to the bottom?"   I don't think so.  (But maybe in exchange for a peek at Simon's man that would be something).  But look...

You know how much top DJs get a night to play?  Anywhere from $30,000-$100,000...PER NIGHT, boy-eeeee.   if you're a credible DJ...what's the cost of sacrificing your credibility on a cheesy reality TV show?  What's your fee?  At $1MM for an appearance it starts sounding interesting.  On the other hand, David's your time to take your cheese factor to a whole OTHER level.  

And btw...just how the fuck is this going to work?  I can picture it now...a bunch of hand selected "cool" kids in a studio soundstage converted into Pascha (the best club in Ibiza) and the judges on some platform...evaluating the DJ..."Yo Dog...that was a little... wobbly....but mad respect you kept it real...YOU ARE AMERICAS NEXT BIG DJ!"   Fuck off.  

Where Cowell has this wrong is the pure clubbing experience is synonymous to...religion.  You can't just walk into the Vatican and say "we're making a TV Reality show out of your faith."  

Speaking of Religion...check out this live video of Tiesto performing "Adagio For Strings."  This isn't for everyone but people do find a certain spirituality in club music.  And when you try to mass commercialize something like this and take advantage of just never works. 

Tiesto - "Adagio For Strings" Live (check out around 2:05 especially).

You know who else Simon Cowell is partnering up with on this.  You guess it.  Will fucking Smith.  DOUBLE WTF!!  Yes, Will Smith's Overbook Entertainment is the partner up in this.  

Because you know Will and Jada have been hitting EDC for the last 5 years, right?!   The stink on this is just so big...that...well, it just stinks.  Instant fail.  

So listen up!   This is important!   This blog post is for DJs to unite BEFORE even this production gets underway to publicly Tweet their opinion...either for or against.  But what I'm hoping is that most DJs will say they will have nothing to do with this...not being a judge, performing or licensing any of their music for the show.    

Our genre needs to be respected and not pimped out to Fox Television.

Please sread this article around or Tweet it to your favorite DJs.  Here's a list of the biggest DJ Twitter feeds...DM them that you read the article and suggest they put da kabosh on this project..












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