Skrillex and Diplo - Jack U

Bitcandy Rating – 9.0 (more like 9.Woah)

It’s not every day that two titans of music come together and actually make anything substantial. Sure, everyone is collaborating with everyone else nowadays and if your festival didn’t pick up a rare b2b then it might as well not even be happening. Coachella’s got JES&S (um, holy shit), Big Grizmatik came out of an Electric Forest jam and Ultra’s got the kings of techno coming together for their festival premiere of Get Real. Take a time machine with me, won’t you? Back to 2012 when Skrillex got together with his buddy Boys Noize and toured as Dog Blood, making the hardest techno any mainstage kids at ever heard, absolutely destroying their ear drums and giving an entire generation tinnitus. It was this tour that set off the wildfire that will be hereby known as the headliner supergroup. “We can get paid double the money and do half the work? Sign us up.” But as previously mentioned—it never seems to get further than a couple of dates and a few tracks.

Skrillex and Diplo are throwing this to the wayside. This Jack U album (yeah, I said ALBUM. TEN SONGS) is pretty goddamn substantial. It feels like Sonny and Wes are, you know, actually friends, and just having so much fun making music and partying together that they may never stop. This past week they “pulled a Beyonce” and dropped an album out of nowhere that just so happened to coincide with their 24 hour DJ marathon that was livestreaming on twitch. 


Well how is it? The most fun you can have outside of a day at Six Flags where there aren’t any lines and it was free to get in and Jack U are your own personal DJs for the day. And you get a complimentary dippin dots just 'cause you're good looking. The dudes have developed such a unique set of moombahtrap sounds that are absolutely going to make festival crowds go fucking mental all year long. This album is a cohesive piece of art and isn’t just a shameless release promotion of songs that don’t actually make any sense next to each other (cough ** Calvin Harris ** cough). These songs WORK together and flow beautifully. This album is a PARTY. But then again, do you except anything else from the Kings of Music?



We all knew this song was going to be on the album, because we’ve been hearing it for nigh on nine months, but it’s no surprise that this song is still an absolute fucking stand out. I’m not gonna talk too much about this track cause y’all already know it and already have your own opinion. But I will say that Kiesza has one of the sexiest voices in the entire world. And then there’s the Missy Elliot remix at the end for those of you steeped in 90’s hip-hop culture (everyone). I’ll just be over here obsessed with the Zed’s Dead remix until the day I die.



“Yeah, I’m the shit. I should have Febreze on me.” 2 Chainz with the funniest hip-hop feature since Nicki Minaj dropped her verse on Kanye West’s Monster. This shit is a certifiable trap banger. With its acid gear bass and DJ Snake-esque Egyptian Synth—this track is absolutely unstoppable. On second listen of the album, this is the track that cemented these dudes know EXACTLY how fun this album is-- not taking itself seriously at all, just trying to throw a silly careless party music. Just what we all want, right?



And just when you think you know where the album is going on you, it flips to this beautiful future track featuring one of the best vocalists in the game. AlunaGeorge could turn anything into a track of beauty, but Skrillex and Diplo know how to help too. They subdue the trap, throwing in future sounds and turning the direction of the whole album right on its ear. This track is a standout and a real moment of beautiful transcendence in a place you’d least expect it.



It would be impossible to talk about this album without talking about its finest track. Who knew, in 2015 we’d all, collectively as a society, get together and fall in love with a Justin Bieber track. This song doesn’t have the big drops that most of the other songs on the album have. No, it’s too cool for that. It’s got deep house trap vibes unlike anything anyone has been able to pull off. Justin’s not relying on big hooks and big drops like his ex Selena Gomez does with her Zedd song. Nah, he’s just letting his very impressive voice stand out over some beautiful beats from the best men in the game. Just three dudes not giving a fuck, just being too cool for school and 100% getting away with it.


Listen to the whole album on Soundcloud! 'Cause these guys are awesome and put it online for you to listen to. It’s hard to be the be this cool, but somehow Skrillex and Diplo pull it off seamlessly.

Long live Jack U.



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