While I still don't know wtf a Skrillex is, there's no denying his immense talent, or his great tastes, as his best new track, "Stranger (Feat. KillaGraham and Sam Dew)," proves.

Written for the Divergent soundtrack and featured on Skrillex's latest, Recess, "Stranger" actually showcases Sonny Moore's lack of ego. Say what you will about his dumb haircut, to make no mention of the unfortunate women who think it's a bold statement they should 'try out,' but it's hard to imagine another superstar in any other genre allowing his collaborators to leave this much of an imprint on a track. KillaGraham's fingerprints are all over the place here, and sonically it sounds more like Milo & Otis than a typical Skrillex cut. And crooner Sam Dew is the one who puts this song over the top, as his soulful vocals add a touch of humanity often missing from EDM. What actually makes this song so good is that IT'S AN ACTUAL SONG, as opposed to a series of electronic noises sandwiching a bass drop. Skrillex has long been the reluctant face of EDM/Brostep and he looks poised to remain there so long as he keeps cranking out innovative jams like this one.

Check it out below:



Both Recess and Divergent are out now. They have been since the spring. How did you not know that? What exactly have you been doing with your life these past few months? 

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