Bambi Lambo - All Together

You only get one chance to make a first impression, which is one of those statements which is so obvious it sounds stupid if you say it aloud. Los Angeles-by-way-of-Tucson duo Bambi Lambo are aware of this and know how to make a memorable introduction.

The pair of Bryan Bassett and Matt McClanahan grew up in the Old Pueblo, but didn’t meet until both moved out to California in their twenties. Introduced by mutual friends, they struck up a friendship and began to make music together almost instantaneously. After Bassett moved from San Diego to the City of Angels they began to work on the mythology of Bambi Lambo. McClanahan has been in bands his entire life, whereas Bassett spent his time wrestling inertia. (Full disclosure: I know what these dudes look like when they’re not playing dress up. Solid people.) 

With “All Together” they’ve got a song which sounds like it was commissioned for the soundtrack of a David Lynch re-make of The Drive. This synth-driven number seems to dabble in dream pop and jam rock, stringing you along with a constantly evolving series of hooks. It’s the type of thing you find yourself dancing to at the strangest and most memorable Halloween party you’ve ever attended.

The video is one part love story, two parts magic show, and a final third that could double as a Kindergarten arts & craft teacher’s nightmare. It’s funny, peculiar, and a little disorienting. I’m about 20 views deep and I still have no idea what it all means, or what happened to that hot dog after filming. I do know that I thoroughly enjoy myself each time. Directed by Lowell Frank, with Drew Bienemann in charge of photography, “All Together” is undoubtably the best 7 minutes you’ll spend on the internet today.

Or at the very least it’s a really good music video. One that we’re premiering today on Bitcandy.



“All Together” is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and just about any other music platform you can think of. Expect more from Bambi Lambo shortly.


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