Best of Pop / Indie Pop - Week 51, 2012


Listen you lame mainstream haters: Every time you don’t read my musically swag-ful POPKILLER, somewhere a pop-tart in West Hollywood dies! Not that I really much convincing do ya’ll need before you finally figure out that our kinda pop doesn’t suck sweaty hairy ballz?! To prove my case and point BitCandy fused up another weekly list full of legen....wait for it...dary shiznit! So my fellow bros and brodettes time to tear up your speakers or in my case turn up my shitty iPod and listen to the goodz we’ve prepped just for you!


Icona Pop - We Got The World

I don’t need to explain this to you...but I will. We posted the video about 2 weeks ago, but this song is so good and such a PopKiller track (aka cool pop) we decided to post it again.  The ending of the video is classic.


Night Terrors of 1927 - Dust and Bones

LA I love you!!! Although I’m a bit jealous that Glitch saw them at The Troubadour in Los Angeles last weekend supporting Devotchka ( a freaking amazing band) and they were the real deal. Some blogs might put this in their indie post, but really it’s a big yummy pop song to us.


The XX vs TLC - No Angels (Bastille Cover ft. Ella)

MASHUP TIME!!! Christmas has arrived early for me. Oooh, I just got a tad bit wet. This is probably the most delicious mashup yet! OMGEE!! Isn’t that Norman Bates in the beginning? Yes it is! Bastille, you’re a beast. My ears thank you for this.


Lana Del Rey Of Light [Brightlightx2 Bootleg]

Madonna and Lana Del Rey in the same bed together. That’s like STD X 2 especially if it’s from Brightlightx2 (mashup expert and great pop artist we love).


A.CHAL - Dirty Mouth

The next Drake meets The Weeknd but hmm...with a heavy dose of creep goth rap? Whatever you call it, we dig. May not be the song I’ll be dancing to in da club, but I sure as hell will be listening to it on the come down.


Snoop Lion "Lighters Up" f. Mavado & Popcaan (Official Lyric Video)  

Aight, so Snoop Dog, I mean Snoop Lion is really embracing the rastafarian way of life, it suits him. Do I fully buy SL’s new persona? No. But Mavado and Popcaan add to the groovy (ugh lame word) feel of the song.


The Presets - Promises

Now we’re talking. This is my kind of pop. The Aussie duo’s latest video has left me brains fried. You’ll know what I mean when you click and watch. Is it just me or does this kind of video collage seem to be a trend? Anyways, I wurv it.


Muse - Follow Me (Live)

Been loving Muse for 10 years. What a great commercial for getting me off my ass to see them live again. And yes, we are proud to host this track in our PopKiller album (aka pop that doesn’t suck...yeah, we’re putting that word through rehab).


Pixies - Where Is My Mind

Ending this post with a little band from Boston, Ma. that marked my musical upbringing. words needed here.


As far as I’m concerned, I've done more than enough to prove my point of why our kind of pop doesn’t suck, and need say no more. What do you think? Did we miss anything here? Well speak up! I can’t hear you!


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